Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunday September 30

The Anaheim Ducks made a complete 360 rotation in less than 24 hours. After losing opening night to the Los Angeles Kings 4-1 the night before in host London, the Ducks turned the tables pulling out a 4-1 win over the Kings in the tail-end of the back-to-back series. For the second straight night, FI Todd Bertuzzi was nowhere to be found (a return to form we wonder?). For the Kings, FI Derek Armstrong notched an assist on LA's only goal which officially opened the scoring season for him. Expectations are high for Armstrong who has scored 35+ points in the last 4 seasons while playing no more than 67 games in any of those seasons. A healthy Armstrong could be a top producer for this Kings squad. Play picks up again on October 3. Until next time, we wait with baited breath for the full-blown kickoff to the season.

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