Wednesday, January 7, 2009

West All-Star FI

One Former Islander has emerged from the Western Conference All-Star team and it is kind of a headscratcher. It has become apparent that the fan voting system the NHL set up for the All-Star competition is faulty - it became too easy to raise the numbers of players who clearly do not deserve to be playing as an All-Star (i.e. Alex Kovalev). But, on the other hand, it has become clear that the All-Star game is not the draw it used to be with some sports writers and broadcasters suggesting more Winter Classic-like matchups. Until the NHL can fix the gaping All-Star nomination hole we will forever be mired in stupidity like this.

To the FI, Roberto Luongo was selected as one of the two reserve goaltenders for the West despite not meeting the minimum requirement 25 games started. It was clearly stipulated on the NHL All-Star Voting website that all eligible goalies must play in 25 games before the All-Star and unless Luongo comes off Injured Reserve and starts 6 of the next 8 Canucks' games that is not happening - unless of course the League knows something about Luongo's health that we the fans do not.

Luongo has posted excellent numbers in his limited play time. He has an 11-5-2 record with a low 2.17 goals against average, a hearty .928 save percentage and 5 shutouts. Only time will tell if Luongo will actually wear the Western Conference red come All-Star gameday. This is the 3rd straight season that Luongo has been selected for the All-Star Game. Last season he was chosen as the starter but opted out citing the desire to be with his pregnant wife.

Congratulations Roberto for your All-Star accomplishment.

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