Friday, October 31, 2008

Odd News: Dubie

A big hat tip to Ken over at Okposo Net for the link to this story from the New York Times. It turns out that Alex Ovechkin (superstar) was in attendance in Moscow as the Dynamo faced off against Ak Bars Kazan. After a goal was scored on Kazan goaltender Wade Dubielewicz (Former Islander) with moments remaining in the 1st period to knot the score at 1 some rowdy fans lit off road flares. The flares caused so much smoke that officials actually suspended the game. Of course the explanation was to protect the health of the players and fans but the real problem is that it becomes impossible to play with in those conditions. I guess you could say that if Dubie does not give up that goal this never would have happened but an event like this was bound to unfold if the offending fans took the time to secret in road flares to begin with.

This follows in a recent spat of hockey game hijinks. During a game in Sweden last week fans threw dildos on the ice to mock a player on the opposing team who has a sex tape circulating around the internet. Read more about it here at Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy blog. And of course the NHL has its fair share of such behavior which is now discouraged by home team delay of game penalties but include the famous Detroit octopus and the Florida rat tossing events.

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