Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday April 22

In the two Sunday games we saw a replay of what the entire weekend looked like for Former Islanders, 1 assist. In the other game the New Jersey Devils wrapped up their series on the road as they defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2. The series took a confidence-building turn for the Devils as they took control of the series after dropping 2 of their first 3. Here is a look at the other game:
  • Todd Bertuzzi is alive and he assisted on the goal that tied the game with 16:53 gone in the second period of Detroit's massive 2-1 double OT win over the Flames in Calgary. The win vaulted the Redwings into the second round fresh off the heals of a 4-2 series victory. In the four games he played "Hurt"uzzi tallied a goal and 2 assists for 3 points. Only time will tell if he will continue to play a vital role in Detroit's playoff run.

Only one series is still up for grabs. On Monday Dallas will face off in Vancouver. If Vancouver can actually find the net they will pull off the series victory. If Dallas goaltending continues to dominate they will pull off the unthinkable, a recovery from a 3-1 series deficit. Until next time.

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