Monday, April 23, 2007

Saturday April 21

In the 2 games on Saturday night Former Islanders were active and violent. FIs accounted for only one assist but they added a whole lot more heated action than that. Here is a quick look:
  • Mathieu Schneider helped his Redwings defeat the Calgary Flames in Detroit, 5-1, with a powerplay assist on the team's second goal. With the win the Redwings grabbed a commanding 3-2 series lead. The point was Schneider fourth (1 goal, 3 assists) on the series.
  • The bigger story of the game was Jamie McLennan, yes McLennan. Making his first postseason appearance since the 1999 playoffs, when he was with the St. Louis Blues, McLennan spent 18 seconds on the ice before he slashed Johan Franzen across the midsection. Because of the inherent violent nature of the slash McLennan received 22 minutes of penalty time and was ejected immediately. Upon later review by the league McLennan was suspended for 5 games starting the next game of the series and the team and coach were fined in excess of a $100K. One would have to question the purpose of putting McLennan out there in an nearly completed game and if was a tactically move to hurt a Redwing player or send a message in a game in which Calgary continually used excess force of ill thinking with their sticks.
  • In the other game, Roberto Luongo took the loss as the Vancouver Canucks fell 2-0 to the Stars in Dallas to even the series. Luongo stopped 28 of 30 shots, but since the Canucks have not scored in over 2 games, he took the loss yet again. His postseason record fell to 3-3. His impressive 1.47 goals against average is now being eclipsed by rival Marty Turco's improbably low 1.20. Game 7 is Monday night.

Two more games were up for grabs on Sunday with the underdogs clinging to elimination.

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