Sunday, June 10, 2007

Newest Former Islander: Alexei Yashin

Even better news than the Anaheim Ducks winning the Stanley Cup was the New York Islanders starting off the postseason right by dumping Alexei Yashin in a buyout scheme that makes the one-time 10 year deal seem like a mistake of the past. By doing so the Islanders will surrender about $2.2 million a year off of their cap space over 8 years in a $17.6 million structured buyout. Assuming that Yashin will sign somewhere as a free agent we are in the early stages of our first summer FI signing.

Yashin was by no means a poor player. Instead, underperforming and unfulfilling to expectations seem to be what he will be remembered for. In 346 games with the Isles Yashin tallied 119 goals, 171 assists for 290 points. We wish Yashin... well not the best, but instead we bid him adieu and hope alll works out well for both sides.

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