Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finals Wrapped Up

As you all very well know by now the Anaheim Ducks won the first Stanley Cup in California history this week. They manhandled the Ottawa Senators 6-2 in Game 5 and handily took the series 4 wins to 1. In a postseason that saw the Senators dominate their first three competitors in 5 game series it was an about face to see them lose their edge while at the very edge of Lord Stanley's pinnacle. Ottawa, of course, has let Canada down just as Vancouver (1994), Calgary (2004) and Edmonton (2006) all have done since the Canadiens were the last, um, Canadian team to win in 1993. (Of course Montreal had to get past the Islanders in the Eastern Conference Final in '93 to eventually win that Cup, but that is another point for another time.)

Interest here at Former Islander Watch was merely at the spectator level. With no FIs in the chase for Stanley Cup permanency this series lacked true meaning or punch. But it was still some pretty good hockey. We congratulate the Ducks on an impressive run and are glad to say that we will be joining them in the Anaheim area later this summer, not in any related capacity, but nonetheless.

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