Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Format

As we approach the beginning of the 2009-10 season there are a couple of changes to note here at FIW.

#1 Daily updates are gone! In this age of micro-blogging who has the time to do an extensive blog post everyday? Instead we will recap Former Islander accomplishments on a week-by-week basis meaning less posts to read.

#2 Snappier and quicker summmaries! Less about the particulars of the big plays and more about the things we really care about - the stats. Player recaps will be about numbers, numbers, numbers.

#3 Updated pictures! As soon as the NHL teams role out the new team photos we will have new player pictures.

#4 More snark! As the NHL continues to be the bastion of major league sport intellect we will continue to find retorts that mean something. Take that Gary Bettman. (p.s. We love Charles Wang and company! Blue and Orange forever.)

#5 No Shawn Bates! He has not played in years for an NHL squad but it is never too late to keep reminding ourselves of that sweet fact.

By the way we do not recap preseason statistics since they are essentially meaningless. Join us after October 3 when the NHL kicks off.

Until then thank you for enjoying FIW.

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